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Size Guide

How to measure your head

We prefer that you measure your head in centimeters because it tends to be more accurate than inches. Measure several times to ensure accuracy.

step 1

To measure your head size where your hat will sit, gather a cloth measuring tape or a simple string.

step 2

Start at the back of your head by gently wrapping the measuring tape or string towards your forehead a half inch (temple area) above your ears. Meet both ends of the measuring tape or string at the center of your forehead above the eyebrows.

step 3

Mark where those two points meet and measure the distance between the start and end points. If using a string, measure the start and end points against a ruler to find your hat size. Use this measurement to determine your hat size. Hat sizes vary by style, so be sure to check the unique fit for each.

A Guide to the Best Hats to Bring on Vacation with You

Are you planning your next vacation? Whether you're traveling to a tropical paradise or hitting the slopes for a winter adventure, it's important to pack the right gear. One essential item that often gets overlooked is a hat. Hats not only protect your head and face from the sun, but they can also keep you warm in colder climates.  With so many different styles and materials to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which hat to bring. In this article, we'll explore the different types of hats you should consider bringing on your next vacation and how to choose the best one for your destination. So, grab your suitcase, and let's get started on planning your next adventure! 1 - Beanies Beanies are a great hat option for colder climates, such as ski trips or winter vacations. They are typically made of wool or other warm materials and can cover your ears to keep them warm as well. Beanies come in a variety of colors and styles, from simple and classic to more trendy and fashion-forward. When choosing a beanie, make sure it fits snugly on your head to keep the warmth in. 2 - Sun Hats If...

A Guide to the Best Hats to Bring on Vacation with You

Traveling in Style: The Benefits of Straw Hats for Women and How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Next Adventure

As the summer months approach, many women look for fashionable ways to protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays while traveling. Straw hats are popular for sun protection, offering a stylish way to shield the face and neck from the sun.  In this article, we'll explore the benefits of straw hats for women, the different styles available, and tips for choosing the perfect hat for your travels. Benefits of Straw Hats for Women Straw hats offer many benefits for women looking to protect themselves from the sun while traveling. Here are a few of the key benefits: Sun protection: Straw hats are an effective way to shield the face and neck from the sun's harmful rays, which can cause sunburn, premature aging, and even skin cancer. Style: Straw hats come in a variety of styles and colors, making them a fashionable accessory for any outfit. Comfort: Straw hats are lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable to wear in hot weather. Packability: Many straw hats can be rolled or folded for easy packing, making them a convenient accessory for travel. Styles of Straw Hats for Women Straw hats come in a variety of styles, from wide-brimmed sun hats to fedoras and...

Traveling in Style: The Benefits of Straw Hats for Women and How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Next Adventure

Why Hats Aren't Just for Fashion: 6 Health Benefits Unveiled

Hats have been an essential accessory in human history, serving various purposes such as protection from the elements, ceremonial traditions, and, of course, as a fashion statement. However, a hat is more than just a way to express your personal style or protect yourself from the sun or cold.  Headwear can provide numerous health benefits, some of which may surprise you. In this post, we will delve into the health benefits of hats, from UV protection to stress reduction and everything in between. 1. UV Protection One of the primary health benefits of using a hat, particularly during the sunny months, is that it provides protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV radiation can cause skin cancer, sunburn, and premature aging.  According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and wearing a hat with a wide brim can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer by shading the face, neck, and ears. When choosing a hat for sun protection, opt for one with a wide brim (at least three inches), made of tightly woven materials like cotton or straw. Some hats even come with a UPF (Ultraviolet...

Why Hats Aren't Just for Fashion: 6 Health Benefits Unveiled

Hat History: From Simple Head Covering to Fashion Statement

Hats have been an integral part of human culture for thousands of years. From simple head coverings to elaborate fashion statements, hats have served various purposes throughout history. This article will explore the different types of hats and their evolution over time. Early Hats The earliest known hats were made from natural materials such as straw, animal hides, and plant fibers. These early hats were primarily used for protection from the sun and rain. In ancient Egypt, straw hats were used to keep the sun rays off the face and neck, and in Greece, wide-brimmed hats were worn by farmers to protect them from the sun. In the Middle Ages, hats were worn as a symbol of social status. The wealthy wore elaborate hats made from expensive materials such as silk and fur, while the common people wore simpler hats made from wool or felt. Renaissance and Baroque Era Hats During the Renaissance and Baroque eras, hats became even more elaborate. Men's hats were often decorated with feathers, jewels, and other embellishments. Women's hats were also adorned with feathers, as well as ribbons, lace, and flowers. One of the most iconic hats from this era is the tricorne hat. This...

Hat History: From Simple Head Covering to Fashion Statement

5 Reasons Why Hats Are a Great Accessory for Any Occasion

Hats have been a fashion accessory for centuries, and they continue to be a popular choice among people of all ages and genders. From casual outings to formal events, hats are versatile and can add a touch of personality to any outfit. Now, we understand if you still aren't convinced. This is why we've decided to put together a brief article about what makes hats the perfect accessory. If this is something that you're interested in learning more about, here are five reasons why hats are a great accessory for any occasion. Provides Protection from the Sun One of the most practical reasons to wear a hat is to protect your head, face, and neck from harmful UV rays. Whether you're spending a day at the beach or running errands in the city, a hat can provide much-needed shade and shield you from the sun's rays. Hats with wide brims, such as fedoras or sun hats, are particularly effective at blocking out the sun. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but they can also prevent sunburns and skin damage. Adds Personality to Your Outfit Hats come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, making them a...

5 Reasons Why Hats Are a Great Accessory for Any Occasion

Sustainable Fashion - The movement to improve the lifecycle

We have all heard of sustainability when it comes to recycling, composting, perhaps how we use electricity and what we drive, but have you ever thought about the fashion industry? 

Did you know 

  • As much as 20% to 35% of all primary source microplastics in the marine environment are from synthetic clothing, according to academic estimates.

At KIN we are focus on every step in our supply chain to ensure our hats are made using the highest quality materials, are source as close to their source as possible and are crafted to last years if not decades. 

Learn more about KIN and our sustainability goals on Sustainable Jungle


Sustainable Fashion - The movement to improve the lifecycle

Let's Be Real About the Sun

Sun - Yes Sun Exposure - No We are in the midst of Skin Cancer Awareness month, and we wanted to pass along some helpful information. Here are a few tips to protect you and your loved ones from the harsh UV-rays in the warm months and year around.  TIPS: Stay in the shade when possible Protect your eyes with sunglasses Wear a hat with a brim that shades your face and neck Apply brod Spectrum sunscreen   Be safe. Have fun. Wear hats Shop the best sun hats now.   

Let's Be Real About the Sun

Your Favorite Vacation Piece

Travel smarter with a great travel companion that packs and looks incredible. 

Things we've been hearing:

"Best hat ever owned. It looks fabulous and classy. Cant' wait to wear it on my next vacation."

"Best beach hat. It's light and packable and it looks amazing!"

Featuring the Juno hat in natural. She was designed to be that everyday staple. Worn all day and all vacation. Packable and designed with a monochromatic band, this hat goes with just about everything. 


Shop the best travel worthy hats now

Your Favorite Vacation Piece

NEW_The lounge worthy collection

We've designed a collection for both play and relaxation. This capsule collection of palm straw visors, linen ball caps and 100% cotton bucket hats includes a neutral palette so to pair with everything. 

Did we mention these are great packable styles to take on that weekend trip away or extended stay. 

Discover your next best lounge accessory today

NEW_The lounge worthy collection

Sun protection and style in one

Keeping the sun's harsh rays off your face and chest isn't only the job of sunscreen, but of hats too. 

Like sunscreen, hats have an efficiency rating called UltraViolet Protection Factor or UPF. "You risk developing potentially deadly melanoma DOUBLE with a history of 5 or more sunburns. "

Protect yourself today with the best straw hats that are designed to block harmful UVB and UVA rays. 

Discover our bestselling sun hats



Sun protection and style in one

Behind our Spring Hat Collection


We kept this season fresh, upbeat, and true to KIN. Pushing our best selling packable hat styles into new color ways, we introduced a standout style this season, our Surf Panama Hat. We are anticipating many hours outdoors, on the beach, and on the road, and wanted to offer a highly functional long brim style that is durable and practical for protecting you from the harsh elements of the sun. 


 Discover our latest spring straw hat designs today



Behind our Spring Hat Collection

Winter Wool Hat Neutrals

Looking to step up your look but wondering what might take your style beyond your wardrobe staples?

Accessories are the one defining statement piece that will take a classic look to the next level. 

KIN wool hats are now offered in complementary winter neutrals. From cream, camel, warm gray and a splash of mauve, a natural colored hat can help tailor your look while also setting it apart for others. 

Discover the best-selling packable wool hats. 


Winter Wool Hat Neutrals

Take the Guesswork out of finding a hat

We're taking the guesswork out of finding the right hat style for you. KIN's Style Finder is designed to help you discover the best hat styles for your face shape. Simply identify your face shape–Heart, Square, Oval, Square–and the StyleFinder will share the most complementary styles for you. 
We know buying a hat online can be challenging, but with KIN's Style Finder tools we hope to guide you on a path to discovering the right hat for you. 

Take the Guesswork out of finding a hat

We Go Together....

There's just no getting over these sun protective duos. 

Meet the Quinn wool hat in crushable wool–

Designed with simplicity in mind, this best-selling silhouette is the perfect punctuation to your wardrobe staples. We love the packability and mid-length brim of this wool hat for ultimate sun protection.

Meet the Brys wool hat –

A flattering style with a slight upturn brim adds a touch of sophistication. Made of packable, cruelty-free, light wool, this style can take you to the beach or mountainside. 

Discover the best fall wool hats today

We Go Together....

Let's Never Do That Again.

Well Year 2020 you've been wild. Beyond our craziest dreams in fact.

Enough has been said about the brutal realities you brought to our work life, family life, social life, experience life-life, but let's reflect on the positive things you have shown us. 

You've shown us that family, health and happiness are all that matter. You've shown us the true meaning of slowing down and appreciating the little things we took for granted. You've shown us to appreciate the gifts of Mother Earth, the genius of technology, the simple joys of baking, walking, being still. 

Thank you and F*ck you. Now may we get on with our lives? 

Start planning your vacation today by making up for lost time with a classic packable hat. Take it anywhere or nowhere. Just take it and go about being you! 

Shop women's bestselling straw and wool hats 

Let's Never Do That Again.

The Holidaze of 2020

Surviving the holiday this year takes on a whole new meaning. The year 2020 has brought about the first of many, and that's an understatement. 

This December holiday, most of us will be staying close to home celebrating with our immediate family. It has forced us to slow down, look inward, and reflect on all the beautiful fortunes we are blessed to have.  

We wish you a joyful, healthy and forward looking holiday. Should you feel the urge to splurge on yourself, or treat your loved one to a unique treat, KIN is offering $10 off sitewide with code KIN10.  

All the best women wool and straw hats are available for priority shipping. 

Discover fall and winter wool hats today

The Holidaze of 2020

Fall Hats Are Here

The cold is upon us after a long, warm summer. It comes as a refreshing breath of fresh air. 

As we all look to the holiday season, and acknowledge how different holiday gatherings will look this year, we wanted to offer a few new wool women hat styles.

Introducing the Claudia packable wool hat in camel. Paired with a double wrap black band, the Claudia is a great statement piece for your wardrobe.

Shop the Wool hats now



Fall Hats Are Here

Uncover the Facts Behind KIN

Factory-made beautiful. Tried and true craftsmanship

  • All of our hats are made in the USA

  • Each women's wool and straw hat touches 80 hands

  • From start to finish every straw and wool hat go through 40 steps

  • Our factory has a history of 150 years

  • Our factory machines are 50-80 years old

  • Our dye house recycles all water used in this process

  • We use zero plastics in the making and packaging of our hats

Shop high-quality women's straw and wool hats

Uncover the Facts Behind KIN

Everyday. Everywhere.

The hat that goes where you go. 

Not just made for weekends away, special occasions or beach adventures. 

We design our straw and wool hats to be packable, transitional and classic. 

"I'm at the grocery store and want to look pulled together."

"I have lunch with a friend and I want to feel styled."

"Sports with the kids and I need sun protection"

KIN straw and wool hats are designed to go where you go.

Shop packable hat styles now


Everyday. Everywhere.

Support a hat that has history.

150 years of history. From history books to modern day.

Factory opened in 1868

  • Machines used are 50-80 years old

  • Every hat touches up to 80 hands 

  • Goes  through 40 steps to complete. 

  • Horse drawn carts were used to transport hats to rail station

Explore our collection of the best USA-made straw and wool hats.

Support a hat that has history.

Same Factory. Better Prices.

We stand behind our American made hats and feel it is more important than ever to support US-factory employees. 

Our top-selling straw and wool hats are made in the same factory as Goorin Brothers, Eugenia Kim, Janessa Leone, Jenni Kayne, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and many more. 

We've chosen to do it differently and doing it different means fair prices for the same quality products. 

Shop our bestselling US-made straw and wool women's hats

Same Factory. Better Prices.

The American-Made Choice

There are over 1000+ hat manufacturers in the world making straw hats, wool hats and caps. But few are superior in quality and craftsmanship than those produced in the USA.

By purchasing a KIN THE LABEL hat you're supporting American workers, manufacturing and traditions. A hat that has history. 

KIN hats are produced in an Employee-owned factory dating back to late 1860. KIN hats are handcrafted on century old machines and take upwards of 40 steps to complete. No detail is too small. 

Explore our collection of USA-made straw and wool hats.

Shop Now



The American-Made Choice

Explore Beyond the Familiar

We've designed a straw packable hat collection for the modern explorer.

We are all getting into nature to power our mental health, rejuvenate our spirit, and get in touch with the greater beyond. 

Check out some of our off the beaten path essential hat styles to keep you cool and out of the sun. 

Discover the best sun protection straw hats

Explore Beyond the Familiar

Exploring Beyond the Familiar

Who knew we would all find joy of escaping to the mountains, rivers and lakes for a few nights of sleeping in a tent....on the ground. But after months of sheltering in place, we are all getting into nature to power our mental health, rejuvenate our spirit, and get in touch with the greater beyond. 

As we embark on road trips, we want to ensure we are prepared for the elements of long days in the sun and cool nights under the stars.

This summer, we've introduced a collection for the modern explorer. Our packable hats made of shape retentive straw with UPF ratings of up to 50 are great options for days outdoors.
Explore high-quality hats for women and let your next adventure begin.

Exploring Beyond the Familiar

There’s Something You Should Know

Like sunscreen, hats too have an effectiveness rating called, Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF.

UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate material and reach your skin.


COLOR | Dark vs. Light

Colors keep UV rays from reaching the skin by absorbing rays rather than allowing them to penetrate to your skin. Darker shades offer better protection than lighter shades.

  • Dark hats (black, brown, navy) = UPF 50  Excellent 

  • Medium hats (tan/natural, gray) = 40 UPF  Good 

  • Light hats  (ivory, cream) = 30 UPF Fair   

BRIM LENGTH | Brims over 3 inches long offer shade for the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, ears, and upper back.

WEAVE | Tight weaves allow less light to penetrate the hat, keeping UV-rays from reaching the skin.

*Wool hats offer greater sun protection because the wool fibers are tighter than what can be achieved using stra​w fibers.​

Shop the Top Rated UPF straw hats

There’s Something You Should Know

Props to all the Mommas

We miss you Mom.

We miss you Sis, Daughter, Girlfriend. 

Celebrate all of her strengths. Honor her wisdom. Emphasize her greatness.

This is the season to send love by letting her know you're thinking about her on this Mother's Day. 

Mother's Day offer for high-quality straw hats and wool hats

$20 off | Code MOMSROCK

GIVE THE GIFT OF "Let her choose" or the "I know you too well".

There's still time. Shop hat designs now. 

Props to all the Mommas

Our Founders New Normal

Founder Sara Brady shared her daily routine. 

Early Rise: The only way to jumpstart the morning is with an aero press coffee. Sometimes I', lucky enough to get this in bed where I can enjoy a quiet moment without my girls bouncing around me. 

Focus: My mornings start with emails and a mental checklist of what to accomplish in the day. This usually entails a catch up with my sister and cofounder, Ashley. 

Fresh Air Necessity: I try to squeeze in some exercise with the little ones. 

Exercise: A run along Crissy Field or a workout at the beach.

Re-Engergize: We've been spending some much in the kitchen. 

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have".

Shop quarantine looks today. Top straw hats for your daily routine. 

Our Founders New Normal

The ‘Pay It Forward’ Campaign & How You Can Help

Today we announced that they are launching a PAY IT FORWARD campaign. This initiative puts KIN in a position to help those affected by the COVID-19 virus by offering our customers a 20% discount on our straw and wool hats across our website. With each purchase, we will pay a portion of the savings forward to Direct Relief. An organization who is responsible for getting the right and necessary supplies to our medical professionals.
This campaign underscores our commitment to sustainable fashion and the people who help support this industry. 


Shop straw and wool hat styles today, and support those on the frontlines. 


The ‘Pay It Forward’ Campaign & How You Can Help

Uncover the Facts Behind the Brand

Here we share a quick snapshot of insider details on KIN THE LABEL.

THE BRAND: KIN was established in 2013 following a millinery workshop | Founded by twin sisters, Sara and Ashley | Designed in San Francisco. Made in America.

THE FACTORY: The Factory opened in 1868 | The Machines used are 50-80 years old | Every hat touches up to 80 hands; Goes through 40 steps to complete

THE HAT: Hats are designed to travel. Straw Packable hats are woven with durable, shape retentive thread, allowing the straw to bend and flex without losing its shape.  All hats include an adjustable band for downsizing your hat for a perfect fit. All hats have an optimal brim length for full-face protection from UV-Rays

Shop the latest styles today 


Uncover the Facts Behind the Brand

The Designer Dish | Scoop on Spring

Our focus this season is on transportability and ease. With fast-moving lifestyles we wanted a collection that was contemporary, durable and could pair easily with our wardrobe. 

With this in mind, we have released an entire collection of Packable Straw hats. Our packable straws hats for women are designed to softly collapse making it easy to travel with you, while also being able to protect you from harsh UV-rays along the way. 


Meet your new travel companion

The Designer Dish | Scoop on Spring

Be Sun-kissed in the Smart way

Go on, protect yourself. Be prepared for sun of all kind.

Skin cancer is the real deal. And we want to help protect you from those harsh UV-rays.

Most of our women's hat styles offer up to UPF 40 coverage. That means on 1/40th of the sun’s UV-rays will reach your skin. Hats paired with your daily SPF regime will keep your skin protected through the upcoming sun months. 

A few things to keep in mind:

“Melanoma is the deadliest on the head and neck area”

“Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S.” -CDC

So go on and protect yourself. Shop straw hats now

Be Sun-kissed in the Smart way

3 Reasons Why You are a Hat Person

Not a hat person. We think otherwise. 

“I could never pull off a hat”.  

Have you ever thoughts, it’s not you, it’s the hat? Our top criteria for choosing the best style hat for you. 

1–What is your face shape?–round, oval, heart or square? This will help determine how high the hat crown should be. Rule: The longer face the shorter the crown.

2–What is your hair length?

Rule: The longer the hair and/or more volume, the longer the brim can be. 

3– Where would you like to wear your hat?–occasion, place, season?

Rule: If you answered "beach", you’ll want a hat that has a longer brim for sun protection. If you are looking for an everyday hat, perhaps a mid-length brim in a neutral tone is a better option.  

The main objective to discovering the right hat is to find a shape that first off balances and complements your facial attributes, but secondly your lifestyle. 

Start with the best fitting, most complementing hats. Start with our classic women's hats

3 Reasons Why You are a Hat Person

New Year. New Beginnings.

The post holiday rush can come as a relief–no doubt–but it can also be a bit depressing in the sense that all of the parties, the visiting with friends and family, and the joy of eating and drinking, is over. 

But with a new year, come new beginnings. It's a time to start fresh, set new intentions and embrace the restart of many aspects of our lives. 

At KIN, we love this time of year to reflect on our business and why we choose to spend our days creating hats for KIN.

It's apparent, every year that we do this for three reasons: we certainly do this because we love to create, and create together as sisters. Secondly, we do this so that we can have the life-work balance we've always desired, and last but not least, we love creating straw and wool hats that make women feel confident to express who they are. 

So thank you for the support and for trusting in us. 

Cheers to a new year and new beginnings.

-Ashley & Sara

Discover our favorite designs of 2019

New Year. New Beginnings.

No Need to Be So Sheepish.

Not all wool is created equal. For instance, wool sourced in China can be from older sheep with fleece that has grown to be more coarse and itchier.  

Whereas, U.S. sourced wool, like what we use for KIN's women felt hats, come from Rambouillet Sheep, also known as the French Merino.

Raised in St. Angelo Texas, the Rambouillet sheep is shorn twice a year using humane shearing practices.  The Rambouillet sheep produces the best back fleece at fine 19 microns which is ideal for felting wool.

At KIN, we consider every step of the hat making process, whether it be the way the sheep are raised and sheared, to how our hats travel to you. In our opinion, no detail is too small.

Shop the best women's wool hats here>


No Need to Be So Sheepish.

Buy Less. Buy Quality.

This holiday season, we scratch our heads trying to come up with a list of gifts for others. The list may contain things we need, a few things we want, but ultimately we hope for a gift that is spectacular. Perhaps something we wouldn't buy for ourselves.  Our goal at KIN is to produce women's wool and straw hats that last year after year. Our wool hats are made of the highest quality wool, sustainably sourced from Texas sheep and our manufactured in the USA by a skilled group of craftsman.  We hope you choose your list wisely. Shop this Winter's latest styles  

Buy Less. Buy Quality.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

The gift that lets them choose. It's the smart option for someone who is particular about their style. It show you care about giving them a unique gifts but are not crazy enough to pick it out for them.

Make your holiday gift giving easy and more successful by giving the treat of a gift card. Let that special someone pick out a top selling women's wool hat or women's straw hat for themselves. 

Shop the perfect gift today

The Perfect Holiday Gift

You've Asked. We've Answered: Part III

Question 4: How do I clean my women's wool hat? 

Dust can accumulate on a hat under any normal condition. Dust can be removed by brushing with a soft brush. Always brush in a counterclockwise direction.

Grease spots from fingertips can occur if you handle your hat without considering the natural grease on your hands. To remove crease, wet a like-colored towel and blot the location. By applying pressure and water the stain should pick up onto the towel. 

Dark stains are unfortunate accidents, such as lipstick, red wine, or other natural stains. To remove these stains we recommend taking your hat to a dry cleaner and asking for spot cleaning. 

Discover this seasons collection of women's wool hats

You've Asked. We've Answered: Part III

KIN THE LABEL Events: Fall Season

The Holiday season brings lots of parties, celebrations, and plenty of opportunities to shop for your loved ones. 

This Fall, KIN will be showcasing the Fall winter wool hat collection at a number of local San Francisco events. 

Come shop the best women's wool hats for you and your special someones. 

The Bar Code Pop-up - November 13, 14th 11a-5:30p / 3600 Sacramento St., SF

Renegade Craft Fair - November 16-17th 11a-6p / Fort Mason SF

West Coast Craft Fair - November 23rd-24th 10a-6p / Fort Mason, SF

The Battery Holiday Event - December 6th 6p-10p / The Battery SF

Shop the latest Fall wool hats


KIN THE LABEL Events: Fall Season

Hat Care 101

Reshaping the Brim of your Women's Hats - 

The making of a women's straw hat and wool hat require a lot of heat and steam to pull the raw materials into shape. 

Keeping this step in mind, the best way to reshape your hat is to reapply heat to help manipulate the material back into shape.

Items you'll need: 

  • A steam iron - make sure the steam reservoir and the iron face is clean

  • A flat surface

  • A towel / cloth in similar color to your hat

  • Books for weight

Step 1: 

Cover a flat surface with a towel. Place your hat on this surface for steaming and ironing. 

Step 2:

Set the iron to the wool setting and a light steam. 

Once the iron is ready, press the iron over the affected brim area and make sure the heat penetrates the material. 

Step 3:

Cover this area with a cloth and then apply the books or other weights to the steamed brim. 

Step 4 (optional):

Step repeat if the brim requires a bit more heat and pressure.

Discover the best hats for women this fall 




Hat Care 101

Behind The Hat

KIN THE LABEL Fall 2019: The Inspiration

As much as we long for warm summer days, we invite the cooler days of Fall with open arms.  Perhaps it's because shorter days mean cozy sweaters, long coats and women's wool hats. This season's women's wool hat collection was designed with everyday in mind. 

It will be a KIN first to offer the best packable women’s wool hats. This season’s designs focus on how hats play into the daily life of our customers. 

We strongly believe that KIN hats are designed to complement not only your exciting travel experiences but more importantly your everyday lifestyle. 

Our innovative crushable wool hats incorporate a heat reactive (natural) shellac which makes the hat shape retentive. Meet your new travel companion.

Shop our packable wool hat collection now


KIN THE LABEL Fall 2019: The Inspiration

The Meaning of the word "Packable"

At KIN, we use the term "Packable" to describe the quality and attributes of our straw and wool hats that can travel. Hats that go where you go.

Our women wool hats have the qualities to retain their shape if you were to collapse them, brim to brim and place them in your purse, carry-on or pack for a longer trip in your suitcase. 

The best hats for women on the go during these warmer months are our packable straws. Our packable straws are made of paper and have a shape retentive thread woven through out the weave, helping these straw hats maintain their shape when softly collapsed. 

Take one of these chic straw hats on vacation or to beach and know that this hat will travel well. 

Check out our packable wool and straws hats



The Meaning of the word "Packable"

You've Asked. We've Answered. Part II

Question 2: How do I know if my women's hat fits perfectly? 

  • Your hat should sit comfortably on your head without feeling constricting or too loose.  Your finger should be able to fit between your forehead and the sweatband inside the hat, near your temples and feel just a tad snug. 

  • If you are able to fit more than one finger between your head and the sweatband, the hat is too large for you. We would suggest that you try  using the adjustable sweatband that comes in every hat to size the hat down just a little. If you are not able to fit a finger between your forehead and the sweatband, we recommend a larger size. 

Discover your hat today

You've Asked. We've Answered. Part II

A Thing of the Past

The forever revolving door of fashion; One minute the fashion world can't get enough of skinny jeans and platform shoes, and the next we are riding the wave of off the shoulder dresses and cutoff denim. 

The ever-changing landscape of fashion is just a reflection on the past with slight tweaks on the old to make them new. 

Women's hats though don't necessarily follow suit. The small hats of the past, though applicable to some occasions, are not the same hats you see regularly today. Pushing the boundaries in the hat world means taking the best women's hats from past eras and pulling them up to the modern age. For instance, extending the brim length on a classic bolero shape to offer more function to the hat than just fashion. 

  Discover women's hats of the modern age here 

A Thing of the Past

Go Ahead. Put Your Feet Up

You've finally made it to your destination and thought numero uno is, how quickly can I get to the pool.

We've taken this feeling into account when designing a collection of women straw hats for the summer and decided it was time we introduced a hat that is lounge worthy. 

All too often your great looking, sun protecting sun hat keeps you erect on your lounge chair not allowing you to lean back in full relaxation. 

KIN straw ball caps are the perfect in between: Stylish, sophisticated and easy. 

Go ahead. Sit back. Replace your trucker hat today. 

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Go Ahead. Put Your Feet Up

Protect Yourself

As children we play under it, as teens we worship it, and as adults we are wise enough to grasps its true harm. 

According to the American Cancer Society, "More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other cancers combined."

Regular daily use of an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen reduces the risk of developing melanoma by 50 percent.

These stats can go on, which is why we at KIN have decided to become advocates of proper skin protection by producing hats that are both fashionable and functional.

We want to provide all day protection by offering the best women's hats that offer up to 40 UPF (UPF-rating for sun protective fabrics) protection and have brim lengths long enough to protect the entire face and the neck from the sun all day long.

Enjoy the sun, but don't forget to respect it!

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Protect Yourself

Travel Companion Done Right

Women's hats are a great travel accessory but may seem like a challenging addition to your suitcase. We have the perfect travel tips to keep you stylish on the road or in the air.The best way way to travel with a hat is to pack it in a suitcase. 

Create a nest like shape in your suitcase, that will help cradle the brim and crown of the hat. Placing your hat crown down, be sure to support the brim and fill the crown with soft articles of clothing.

Option two is to wear your hat on the plane. 

Our adjustable band serves many purposes, and one happens to be while traveling. Should you wish to wear your hat on the plane but not store it at your feet or in an overhead compartment, simply use the adjustable band strap by sliding it under or over the tray table latch. This will allow it to hang on the seat in front of you.

Discover the best women's hats for travel. 

Travel Companion Done Right

Uniquely You. Your Big Day.

We dream of it. We long for it. And when it comes it's dreamy. 

 Preparing for your wedding day can be exhilarating, stressful, and time-consuming. We've been through it and we understand the process one needs to go through to get there. 

At KIN we wanted to offer brides a gorgeous women's hat collection that complements the glam and excitement of her wedding day. However we didn't want to focus on the wedding day per se, but rather the days leading up to (and after) the big day. We wanted to give brides that exclamation point that will set her wedding wardrobe apart. The icing on the cake. 

The KIN wedding collection features our Spring and Summer straw hats that are adorned with classic wedding accessories. These accessories, whether the birdcage, tulle band or cream hat bands, are removable, allowing the bride to transfer the wedding look into an everyday classic for years to come. 

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Uniquely You. Your Big Day.

Travel Season. Travel Hats.

The warmer Spring and Summer months are perfect for travel, near and far. 

Packing for a trip shouldn't mean eliminating the fun wardrobe choices just because it has to fit into your suitcase. 

At KIN we believe you should be able to take your women's straw or wool hat with you. there's no reason your style should be placed on hold just because you're traveling.

In response to our customer's request for hats that pack, we have designed a collection of packable straw hats. This means that you can lightly collapse the hat so that it can be packed in your suitcase, backpack or even stored in your purse. 

Collapse it. Pack it. Our packable hats go where you go. 

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Travel Season. Travel Hats.

How to Choose the Right Hat

Here is another question in our series of Frequently Asked Questions for women's hats.

How do I know which women's straw or wool hat is best for me?

There are a few key attributes that can be used to determine the best shape, color and brim length for your look. 

First off we start with the shape of your face. Discover your face shape with our StyleFinder.

Secondly, we look for hair length. This would help us narrow the search if your hair is styled at a longer or shorter length by selecting a brim that will proportionally complement the length of your hair.  

Lastly, we look for the best color for your complexion and hair color. You don't want to choose a hat that would wash you out. So choose colors or shades of colors that you already have in your wardrobe. 

Our team of fit consultants tries on each hat to best understand fit and shape. Let us help you find the right style and fit for your specific needs.

Discover the best women's hat for you.

How to Choose the Right Hat

Fashion's Ugly Side

Fashion is glamorous. Fashion is trendsetting. Fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world.

The fashion industry and its major powerhouses are primed to make radical changes in our supply chains, manufacturing practices and how we get our product to customers. 

Sustainable fashion needs more voices, big or small, and here at KIN, we are looking to make some changes to our processes, the materials we source and our carbon footprint.

We started KIN THE LABEL hats knowing that we were not going to kill animals for the sake of making women's wool hats. We vowed to never produce in beaver and fur. Our second initiative is to eliminate all plastic polybags from our supply chain and source materials as close to their origin as possible to cut down our carbon footprint. 

Next on our list is to move away from leather, and faux leather which is made of polyurethane. In other words, plastic. Our goal for 2019 is to eliminate single-use materials and look at recycled materials that don't take 100 years to biodegrade. 

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Fashion's Ugly Side

You've Asked. We've Answered. Part I

Every month, we will be highlighting and answering frequently asked questions about our women's hats. We hope to undercover some of your questions when it comes to hats. 

Let's jump right in. 

Question 1: What would I wear this (hat) with?

The simple answer to that is, "You can wear your hat with just about anything." We design our hats with "the everyday" in mind. Whether you're wearing jeans and a tee, you're on your way to work in something a bit more dressed up, or you're on vacation, we hope that your hat will be the accessory that you plan an outfit around. Quite frankly, don't over think it. A hat speaks to both fashion and function and should be worn in almost all settings.

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You've Asked. We've Answered. Part I


Spring / Summer 2019: The Inspiration

On a trip to Santa Barbara from San Francisco, there are many miles of coastline. We decided to head out towards Carmel and then down highway 101 from there to ensure we came into visual contact with as much of the big blue as possible. 

On our way to Monterey, we came across Fort Ord sand dunes. The day was warm, plenty of high clouds and the ocean was a bit turbulent from onshore winds.

We were captivated by the soft neutral tones of the dunes. The creaminess of the velvety dune sand that was being sprayed by the wind, contrasted by the rich hues of the beach sand, only to be disrupted by the white water of the waves washing in. The dark vegetation, though complementary, was a nice contrast to the subtle neutrals. 

This combination of colors and textures helped define our Spring and Summer women's hat collection. We have incorporated a number of straws ranging from our classic tricolor Bao straw, a crisp Japanese paper straw in white, lightweight Raffia, seagrass green, and a Packable straw in natural, white and black. 

The Spring collection is set to launch April 26th. Stay tuned. 

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Spring / Summer 2019: The Inspiration


A Welcomed Change

As a Northern California brand, we see it all. For those who are born and raised Norcal or have chosen this part of California as their home, you can attest to the beauty of the seasons we experience up North.

We were raised weekending on the beach, camping in the redwoods, and spending winter and summer holidays by the lake.

The lifestyle of California is very integral to the laid back nature of our women's hat designs. In April, we will be introducing our Spring and Summer women's hat collection that focuses on easy to wear basics. 

Discover the pre-launch of the best women's hat designs 

A Welcomed Change


Let's talk hair

How to style your hair with a women's hat.
Typically we'll wear a straw or wool hat to cover the wild hair day we're experiencing or simply to cover our unwashed locks. But it doesn't always have to be that way.
The quick and easy option for styling your hair under a hat would be to leave it down or put your hair in a low bun.
A few more styles to try: 

  • Classic or fishtail braid as well. 

  • Swept hair to the side and pinned with a barrette or clip 

  • Soft and loose lower knot

  • Tuck your long hair into your shirt

Have fun with it. Keep is casual or make it sophisticated.  

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Let's talk hair

Designer & Founder: Sara Brady

The rock star designer behind KIN THE LABEL has been creating since her early years. 

Inspired by the urban environment–from where she lives–Sara uses the lens of her formal design education in fine arts and graphic design, to seamlessly modernize timeless fashion staples with her feminine-chic style. 

Born and raised in Los Altos Hills–35 minutes from San Francisco–Sara is the youngest (by 20 minutes) of 4 kids; a twin sister and two older brothers. 

Sara brings a soft-girly aesthetic to the brand, ensuring textural and color palette intrigue. She is the driving force behind social and like Ashley spends any free time she has honing her creativity by continuing to paint and draw. 

Shop the best women's wool hats inspired by designer Sara Brady 

Designer & Founder: Sara Brady


Roll With the Punches

Not every day is alike. Some days are great from the moment you're woken by the sun shining in through your windows. While others, well you just wish your alarm clock would stop sirening you to wake up. It's easy to forget what makes a day so beautiful. We are often caught up in the morning fog of trying to get our kids ready for school, the need to keep the coffee cup in sight, and the constant reminder that pajamas can't be worn all day. Let's just take a moment. Take a moment to breathe. Take a moment for one thing at a time. Take a moment to reflect on the things you'd like to achieve in a day, rather than the stuff you need to do. The saying goes "it's not about the goal, it's about the journey". Keep this perspective in mind reminds you that the little tasks matter. We make women's hats for a living.  We chose happiness. Happiness that comes from doing what we love. Even despite the challenges of starting a business and family simultaneously. Honoring why we choose to take this path is very different from just wishing for success.  It's the little pieces that get you to the greater good. Keep...

Roll With the Punches

Behind The Hat

Roots Run Deep

If you ask any product-based company what the most challenging part of starting a business, manufacturing will list in the top 5.

Manufacturing is like dating. It takes a few trial dates and relationships before you really know what you want in a partner. Additionally, a strong manufacturing partner who is trustworthy, reliable, and devoted to making the best product time and time again, is the key to success. 

It took KIN a few trial manufacturers and a year of research to finally locate our best, most fluid partner.  A better who was dedicated to the craft of millinery and has been perfecting it since 1860.

KIN women's wool hats and women's straw hats are designed in California and are responsibly manufactured by expert craftsmen on the East Coast using century-old techniques that are rooted in sourcing quality materials–as close to their origin. We believe that modern luxury should not be defined by a price tag, but rather tried and true craftsmanship. Thoughtful design is about each step of the process, where no detail is too small.

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Roots Run Deep


Fall Favorites: Neutral Accessories

We are months into the winter season and cocktail-dressed-out, the best go-to wardrobe is made of neutrals and simple go-to pieces.

There is a calming effect in white, bone, beige; not to mention their ability to pair with just about anything. 

We find that women's wool hats in this color scheme are great for the Spring transitions into leg-baring dresses and open-toed shoes.  They keep your head warm while temperatures creep into the 70s. 

Check out the best women's hats for Fall. 

Fall Favorites: Neutral Accessories

Behind The Hat

Authenticity: The Art of Creating

Creating a wool hat collection is a timely process that can take upwards of two months. 

The foundational idea typically begins with identifying a color palette most often inspired by nature. We are strong color enthusiast, however in the world of hats, color is better as an accent rather than as the wool body.

Once the color palette is loosely established we begin to hone in on our customers for the season. Are they wearing neutrals, are they preferring prints, or perhaps is the trend for Fall camo prints? We riff off the leading trend for the season and try to complement it by offering monochromatic color schemes. Nothing too loud, but nothing too dull that it doesn't have a personality of its own.

Once this portion is defined, we begin looking into the wool hat block shapes. These can include center dents, which are the classics of all classics, or something perhaps more dramatic being either a taller crown or a modern bolero. Again, we are looking at the range of our customers and deciding how they will be wearing the wool hats for the season. 

Now comes the playful part of identifying the wool hat finishes. 

We have a strong belief that there are a few key elements that define a KIN hat. One of which is the metal clip that is placed on either the brim or the band. The second is the stitching on the brim in a tonal color thread and lastly the partial binding on the brim of the wool hat. These elements are subtle but offer an artistic element unseen on other hats. 

Our mission is to design and manufacture women's wool hats that are timeless, sophisticated and playful. We wouldn't manufacturer a hat that we ourselves wouldn't wear. 

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Authenticity: The Art of Creating


The Adjustable band is a show stopper. It makes a hat that was once just a tad too big, a perfect fit. Because after all, no one person's head size is alike.

In the world of hat making, there are custom hats that are made to measure and cost a pretty penny, or there are standard blocked sizes that are either too large or too small.

But how about women's wool hats that fall between those two options of custom and average. We make our hats with an adjustable interior band that allows for a perfect fit, eliminating the challenge of buying hats online. The adjustable band is a simple velcro mechanism that can easily be fastened to provide a comfortable fit.  

Additionally, if its windy outside, just tighten the adjustable band and pull the strap down over the back of your head. This will help prevent the hat from flying off.

Shop the best women's hats with adjustable bands


If Not You, Then Who?

The decision was easy: We chose you.

We decided to move away from selling our hats to retailers, and instead only offer our women and men hats directly to you.

This means no more 4x markups on hats sold at retail.

Our brand promise has always been, to be honest, and upfront with how our product is made. In our early years, we were driven by the machine of wholesale and major department stores in an effort to become know, but consequently, we hid behind our product. Gone are the days of standing in the shadow. We are kicking off 2019 with a focus on getting back to our humble ways. 

We believe in fewer goods made of better quality materials. We continue to represent a brand that was raised in California and born in the USA. We are prideful of our roots, the small factories we partner with, and what we have been able to accomplish in creating a product we firmly stand behind.

We chose to navigate the world of fashion because we believe in our process of creation and the people we have had the privilege of working with. We value your thoughts, likes, dislikes, wishes, and ask that you share them with us whenever they arise.  (

Stick with us. We are on a mission to bring to you inventive collections of men and women's wool hats and men and women's straw hats at honest prices. 

xo Sara & Ash

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If Not You, Then Who?

Modern Times

Nowadays, the ability to access great design is endless. No longer are the days of referencing museums, libraries or art history textbooks for inspiration. Sourcing inspiration via the internet can quickly turn a Google search into a rabbit hole of amazing finds. 

The movement of our current state–best illustrated in interior design, garment construction and architecture–is often described by one word that means so much more than it's definition actually suggest.

The word "Modern".

It's a word that is quickly overused in the fashion world to describe attributes of a product that are minimal in nature; That is having properties of less, rather than more. 

In the world of women's hats, the choice to wear a straw hat or wool felt hat is bold. They are empowering accessories that evoke confidence, so when the designs are modern and simple in their design, the hat becomes a perfect understatement to an outfit. 

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Modern Times

Kin Musing

Taylr Anne

California based fashion and lifestyle blogger Taylr Anne is constantly surprising us with her evolving style. With an art background, she has developed a true Avant-Garde perspective with her experimental approach to both fashion and her endless creativity. In an interview with KIN, Taylr shares a few insights into her fashion choices.

Fashion trend: "Bohemian flare and modern minimalism."

Style Icon:Alexa Chung can do no wrong, but I think just seeing street style constantly is super inspiring."

Daily uniform: "Sweater, high waisted jeans, and some type of bootie heel even though I don’t need the extra inches."

Favorite way to pair a women's hat: "Fitted turtleneck tops and 4 inch boots."

Discover Taylr's women's straw hats of choice

Taylr Anne


Becca Lane

This muse makes us want to be oceanside all day. With modeling at the forefront and shoot locations spanning the California coast, Becca manages to stay laid back. We dig her care-free spirit and style. Becca opts to keep her style simple, in her go-to black denim, a tee, and a straw hat.This girl can do no wrong in our book. 

Beauty tips: "WATER, WATER, WATER.  Other than staying hydrated, drinking water helps keep my skin nourished and clear."

Fashion Approach:  "Simple and clean."

Style Icon: "Taylor Hill, hands down."

Favorite Cocktail: Nothing too sweet - usually a tequila or vodka.

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Becca Lane

Behind The Hat

Crush it. Pack it. Travel.

Today, it's not enough to think that your wardrobe simply works for where you live. People are traveling more than ever and are choosing to experience places, cultures and food while looking stylish. 

The hustle is real both in the office and on the playing field so it's important your wardrobe can travel with you.

Each season we adapt our hat designs to ensure they make sense for you in your daily lives. We've found that more people want to be able to take their wool hats and straw hats with them, whether that be a festival, weekend getaway or even on a plane. 

We've designed a collection of women's wool hats that are made from lite, crushable wool, allowing you to collapse the hat long ways and place it in a purse or suitcase. Equally as functional is our Endura straw women's hats that are also packable. These too are a great travel companion. Visit our hat care page to find out more about how to travel with your hat. 

Check out the best women's hats for travel 

Crush it. Pack it. Travel.

Do You Uniform?

The uniform is like a recipe for style: Never too much of any one thing; a consistent balance of things that work well together.

It's a philosophy for how we dress on days when time is not on our side. The idea offers a sense of calm for its simplicity, but don't mistaken the uniform for being boring. The choices are quite deliberate.

Take for instance a cashmere sweater you love to pair with jeans. Is it the jeans you love so much or the ease, comfort and versatility of the sweater that truly works? The sweater can be paired multiple ways: over a dress slung around your hips with a skirt and sneakers, or your classic pant ensemble.

The uniform eliminates the guesswork out of what works best together and actually allows you to be a bit more free with how you punctuate or accessorize your ensemble. Be a bit more playful with your shoes, a neck scarf or a women's wool hat. Accessorizing with a women's hat allows you to down-play or up-play your uniform. So don't let your wardrobe go stale. Go for it. Be predictable.

Discover uniform worthy women's hats

Do You Uniform?


The Feelings Neutral

In the rush of modernity, femininity, and fashion understatements, creams, beiges and neutrals never looked so chic. 

The symphony of colors working together is breezy, sophisticated and effortless. 

We love the look and wish it was our daily go-to color story. We often design our women's hat collections around the idea that neutrals are the modern day uniform. Neutral hats in camels, beige, bone and cream are simple to pair with and further accentuate the look of a single color ensemble.

But don't get us wrong. As much as we love an all cream look, we absolutely live in color. Color is attitude. Color is mood and emotion. And the right color has all the power. 

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The Feelings Neutral

Behind The Hat

Gentle Elegance: The Panama Hat

There is something truly beautiful about the process of hand weaving a Panama hat. Yes, it takes skill and precision but the patience and history behind the weaving process is the most romantic part.

Our Artisans in Cuenca, Ecuador live and breath this history. It's a living art that is past down from generations with unique weaving techniques at the core of the family tradition. Our hats take upwards of 10 hours to gently weave a single KIN THE LABEL hat body.

To start, the center of the crown is created using only a few fibers. After more straws are added to form the crown, they continue in this manner to form the hat body using a wooden mold to shape it and then finish with the brim.

The inter-weaving process is unique to Panama hats. The tied off fibers at the edge of the brim are tightened and excess fibers trimmed. The final stage requires the straw be ironed to smooth and flatten the fibers before the hat goes through blocking and shaping process in the USA.

The beauty of an individual artisan's technique in weaving a Panama, no one hat is alike. The patience to interweave every strand of fiber becomes an elegant work of art. 

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Gentle Elegance: The Panama Hat

Behind The Hat

KIN THE LABEL Fall 2017: The Inspiration

The deal is, we’ve never visited but have heard and seen nothing but amazing things about Iceland. There is something mysterious about the Nordic island country. The moody colors of the landscape, the frigid waters, and the stillness of the volcanoes glaciers, geysers, and hot springs.

All of these aspects of Iceland inspired our Fall 2017 women's wool hat collection. We focused on the dark basalt grays of the sand and volcanic lands, the warm beiges and browns of the shale cliffs, and the cream ocean foam of the disruptive waters. 

Discover the Iceland inspired women's wool hats

KIN THE LABEL Fall 2017: The Inspiration

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