Panama Hats For Women - Perfectly Lightweight And Durable
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Panama Hats for Women

Rooted in rich heritage and crafted from a legacy of artisanal excellence, our women's Panama hats celebrate unparalleled craftsmanship.

Elite Collection

01/ Handwoven 

02/ Midsize Crown Height

03/ Mid-length Brim 

04/ Adjustable Sizing

Modest Collection

01/ Handwoven Panama 

02/ Midsize Crown Height

03/ Mid-length Brim 

04/ Adjustable Sizing

Sun Hat Collection

01/ Tall Crown 

02/ Long Brim

03/ Chin Strap 

04/ Adjustable Sizing


Brown-stained Panama straw hat with chin strap and long brim
Panama Straw

Limited Edition Collection

Women’s Panama Hats

Handwoven in Ecuador by artisans using fine Toquilla straw inscribed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Finished with precision in a century-old factory. These are genuine Panama hats, renowned for their rich heritage and superior quality, now easily available to you in the USA. The KIN THE LABEL line of Panama hats for women goes through a rigorous process that includes washing, weaving, dyeing and blocking. This skilled process makes our Panama hats so unique, and ensures each piece is a masterclass of form and function. The lightweight and durable material, discreetly adjustable band, and elegant, minimalist design make each piece the perfect accessory from daywear casual to evening glam. Delivered with a complimentary storage bag, a Panama summer hat for women from KIN THE LABEL is an essential gift for anyone who appreciates the enduring quality of craftsmanship, sustainability and classic design.


Size Guide

How to measure your head

We prefer that you measure your head in centimeters because it tends to be more accurate than inches. Measure several times to ensure accuracy.

sketch of a hand holding a measuring tape
step 1

To measure your head size where your hat will sit, gather a cloth measuring tape or a simple string.

sketch of a measuring tape wrapped around a women's head
step 2

Start at the back of your head by gently wrapping the measuring tape or string towards your forehead a half inch (temple area) above your ears. Meet both ends of the measuring tape or string at the center of your forehead above the eyebrows.

sketch of a hands extending a measuring tape
step 3

Mark where those two points meet and measure the distance between the start and end points. If using a string, measure the start and end points against a ruler to find your hat size. Use this measurement to determine your hat size. Hat sizes vary by style, so be sure to check the unique fit for each.