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Size Guide

How to measure your head

We prefer that you measure your head in centimeters because it tends to be more accurate than inches. Measure several times to ensure accuracy.

step 1

To measure your head size where your hat will sit, gather a cloth measuring tape or a simple string.

step 2

Start at the back of your head by gently wrapping the measuring tape or string towards your forehead a half inch (temple area) above your ears. Meet both ends of the measuring tape or string at the center of your forehead above the eyebrows.

step 3

Mark where those two points meet and measure the distance between the start and end points. If using a string, measure the start and end points against a ruler to find your hat size. Use this measurement to determine your hat size. Hat sizes vary by style, so be sure to check the unique fit for each.

Let's talk hair

Ashley Cornil | March 15, 2019

How to style your hair with a women's hat.
Typically we'll wear a straw or wool hat to cover the wild hair day we're experiencing or simply to cover our unwashed locks. But it doesn't always have to be that way.
The quick and easy option for styling your hair under a hat would be to leave it down or put your hair in a low bun.
A few more styles to try: 
  • Classic or fishtail braid as well. 

  • Swept hair to the side and pinned with a barrette or clip 

  • Soft and loose lower knot

  • Tuck your long hair into your shirt

Have fun with it. Keep is casual or make it sophisticated.  

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