KIN THE LABEL Fall 2017: The Inspiration
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Size Guide

How to measure your head

We prefer that you measure your head in centimeters because it tends to be more accurate than inches. Measure several times to ensure accuracy.

step 1

To measure your head size where your hat will sit, gather a cloth measuring tape or a simple string.

step 2

Start at the back of your head by gently wrapping the measuring tape or string towards your forehead a half inch (temple area) above your ears. Meet both ends of the measuring tape or string at the center of your forehead above the eyebrows.

step 3

Mark where those two points meet and measure the distance between the start and end points. If using a string, measure the start and end points against a ruler to find your hat size. Use this measurement to determine your hat size. Hat sizes vary by style, so be sure to check the unique fit for each.

KIN THE LABEL Fall 2017: The Inspiration

Ashley Cornil | September 01, 2017

The deal is, we’ve never visited but have heard and seen nothing but amazing things about Iceland. There is something mysterious about the Nordic island country. The moody colors of the landscape, the frigid waters, and the stillness of the volcanoes glaciers, geysers, and hot springs.

All of these aspects of Iceland inspired our Fall 2017 women's wool hat collection. We focused on the dark basalt grays of the sand and volcanic lands, the warm beiges and browns of the shale cliffs, and the cream ocean foam of the disruptive waters. 

Discover the Iceland inspired women's wool hats