Made by Hand

The KIN THE LABEL process is thorough and uncompromising. Our hats are beautifully crafted and undergo 40 steps, touching 80 hands and taking 10 hours to complete.

To KIN THE LABEL, that’s what craftsmanship is all about. Where the details of the process are as important as the details on the hat.

We strive to ensure the materials we use are environmentally and humanely sourced with the goal of modernizing the century-old craft of hat making. 
Craftsmanship is the definition of caring about the details. 



When it comes to wool felt headwear, KIN. hats start on a ranch in the mountains of Big Sky Country. The Rambouillet sheep, known best for their premium wool composition, roam on a 130-year-old, 32-acre mountain ranch.

The sheep are carefully sheared by hand only twice a year to produce the best felting blend for hat making.*

The high-quality wool goes through a meticulous process of scouring, which entails scrubbing and cleaning of the wool to remove grease and excess fibers.

*All shearing practices are cruelty-free. No mulesing is used in the process.


To start, the center of the crown is created using only a few fibers. After more straws are added to form the crown, they continue in this manner to form the hat body using a wooden mold to shape it and then finish with the brim. 

The interweaving process is unique to Panama hats. The tied off fibers at the edge of the brim are tightened and excess fibers trimmed. 
The final stage requires the straw to be ironed to smooth and flatten the fibers before the hat goes through blocking and shaping. 
Due to the characteristics of natural straw and the beauty of individual artisan techniques, no one Panama hat is alike. 
This is the beautiful 15-day process of every Panama hat.